Renovation and modernisation

Buildings in need of renovation – one thinks of
cracked facades, leaking roofs, draughty windows.

But the unseen damage can be even more dramatic: Building material becoming dangerous due to high pollution, elevated radiation levels or toxic gas emission

r-m-p Architekten in Mannheim: Renovation and modernisation
  • Energy loss through increasing thermal transmittance and reduced heat storage capacity
  • Damage caused by damp due to defective dew point positioning and inadequate vapour diffusion
  • Loss of stability of projecting building components, such as balconies due to damaged load-bearing elements
  • or pest infestation e.g. of wooden construction elements
  • Energetic condition of the building

It is important to evaluate these elements before starting the renovations as they may have a severe impact on costs.

Construction assessment is therefore extremely important, as is detailed knowledge of construction materials and each construction part together with mastering modern methods in order to provide proof of the damage. During planning and implementation, very specific knowledge is required when handling the materials in the building fabric, how they were procured and processed, in or to improve and combine the old and new construction material.

During our many renovation projects we have accumulated profound knowledge

During our many renovation projects we have accumulated profound knowledge of these complex circumstances, exceeding the requirements of the SIVV-education by far.

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